Our Ethos

Established in 1980, MKB Architects is recognized for its unique range of clientele. From leading national foundations to grassroots non-profit efforts, the firm walks alongside each of its partners to help those in need, steward our earth, and strengthen the ties to their communities they serve- together.

We seek to work with top community-based non-profits & religious organizations in these areas:

  • Permanent & Interim Supportive Housing
  • Special Needs Housing/Services
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social & Mental Health Services
  • Master Planning

Every quality project from MKB Architects is formed through what we believe about our relationships with our work & clients. Discover our ‘ethos’ below:

We embrace the power of design through...

Shared Goals

We’re better architects when we’re aligned with our clients.


We will always seek a shared understanding of goals and design criteria prior to design.

We especially listen to our project’s potential user groups, especially when we are creating places for trauma-based or vulnerable individuals.


Architecture should be appropriate, yet present.


We work at a wide range of scale – from industrial build-outs to intimate places of worship.

We believe function is essential to the resulting aesthetics’ success. Thus, we connect our projects to other work in the community in order to leverage maximum impact. 


Well-designed spaces should inspire hope and change.


We believe the building’s design should respect the community’s sense of place and unique architectural heritage.

The built result should reflect the hope & change communities want to see – and that only well-designed architecture can create.

Commitment to Sustainability

MKB promotes social sustainability and resilient design. We pursue design solutions that are environmentally sustainable in the interests of our client, the community, and the earth.

We have helped clients in past and current projects achieve Enterprise Green Communities, LEED – Gold, LEED – Silver, and National Green Building Standards (NGBS). See a full listing of our certified projects here.

We are part of the AIA 2030 Challenge.

The AIA 2030 Commitment is an actionable climate strategy that gives us a set of standards for reaching net zero emissions in the built environment. Learn more about how MKB Architects integrates green design into all aspects of our projects.

Client Relationships

We pride ourselves on fostering deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Many clients have retained MKB Architects to partner in transforming their mission into reality for many years. We see our practice as a chance to come alongside those who are actively making a difference- improving the lives of the communities they serve.

Firm Culture

Dedicated to the idea that creative design is derived from both collaboration and diversity of experiences and people, MKB’s office environment is a model of both collaboration and learning.

MKB strongly believes in furthering equity and opportunities for people of color within the Architecture and Design profession.

MKB is also open to collaborating and mentoring younger firms, including minority and women-owned businesses.

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