DePaul USA Celebrates Opening of Cecilia House

We all know about homelessness in our city of Chicago and nationwide… but what about the classmate sitting next to you in your lecture hall?

In pre-pandemic 2019, a survey conducted by Sara Goldrick-Rab discovered that ..”nearly one in ten college students said they were homeless in the last year, meaning they had at least one night where they didn’t know where they were going to sleep.”

DePaul USA was featured as one of the beacons of hope in this CBS Sunday Morning segment. We’re proud to have partnered with them to renovate and provide much needed housing for these students.

Depaul USA‘s newest Dax Program / Cecilia House assists housing insecure students of DePaul University and the City Colleges of Chicago. We had a great time touring the finished results at the dedication. Thank you Depaul USA for keeping us updated on how the new residents are enjoying the renovated dwelling. A small project with a BIG impact!

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